Friday, September 15, 2006

Majority Action Strikes Again

Majority Action Turns the Spotlight on Congressman James Walsh

Independent Political Group Keeps Congressman Jim Walsh in The Spotlight

Washington, D.C. — Majority Action today launched a new television adcriticizing Congressman James Walsh (NY-25) for taking campaigncontributions from big oil and voting to give them tax breaks. The adalso takes him to task for his vote to raise his own pay whilerepeatedly voting against raising the minimum wage.

This is the second ad to run criticizing Jim Walsh's record.

"Congressman Walsh is clearly not proud of his record and wants tokeep it out of the spotlight," said Executive Director MarkLongabaugh. "Majority Action intends to ensure that his constituentsare well aware of Congressman Walsh's record: supporting Bush's failedstrategy in Iraq, voting for tax breaks for big oil and voting for aCongressional pay raise and against an increase of the minimum wage."

"Republicans in Congress have failed this country," continued Longabaugh. "They have failed us by supporting Bush's open-endedpolicy in Iraq, they have failed us by not implementing therecommendations of the 9-11 Commission, they have failed us by givingbig oil tax breaks and they have failed us by voting to raise Congressional pay and not the minimum wage. Congressman James Walshreflects these failures and that is why we have continued to spotlighthis record."

"This is yet another example of a Republican Congress that is out oftouch with the values and the interests of the American family," addedMajority Action leadership circle member Joe Andrew. "We plan tocontinue to aggressively shine a spotlight on the failed record of Congressional members.

Both ads can be viewed on and on

Majority Action is an independent organization focused on exposing therecord of the current Republican Congress and on promoting aprogressive Democratic agenda in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Majority Action is led by veteran Democratic campaign operatives andhas a leadership board that consists of prominent political figures,including several former Members of Congress, two former DemocraticNational Committee Chairmen and two former DCCC Chairmen.

Here is the video.


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