Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Maffei hits the air again - New ads

Dan links Walsh with Bush!


At 7:58 PM, Blogger TLB said...

The spot is called "priorities" and it's message is that Walsh is too close to Bush and they are out of touch with CNY. This is Maffei's first anti-Walsh spot.

It features a great picture of Bush and Walsh posing together at an anonymous evening soiree. A Washingtonish chandaleer hangs in background, and the couple is framed by a blood red rectangle. They both sport ghoulish smiles.

(On the mp4 movie I downloaded it realy seemed as though Bush is missing a tooth, and the Decider projects an even flakier expression then normal. Meanwhile, Walsh's expression shines with all the grateful obedience of a poodle).

The add exposes:

1. Walsh votes 9 out of 10 with Bush (the add sources the Sub Standard).

2. Walsh failed to raise minimum wage.

3. Walsh voted for tax breaks for the rich and oil companies (the clip cues to dollar bills streaming by).

4. Walsh cut student loans (cue to an SUish group of students).

it concludes that these are Bush's priorities not ours.

So how good is the add? Well, my two cents are it makes the most important point well enough. But it does that job in a manner that is not as eye catching, unique, or memorable as the "Not Listening" clip. I would have liked to see some more humer in it, or a sentence or two from Dan. In some sense "priorities" seems to play it safe, compared to "Not Listening". I hope it's standard format will make a bang in the viewer's consience and wont drift into background noise.

As for the timing of the add- it seems about right to me. We are entering campaign season (as is evident by the president cranking up the fear mongering with his terrorism speeeches). The "introduction to Maffei" phase of the game is over. People need to be educated as to who Walsh is and how he votes.

Note the add does not mention Iraq, seperation of powers, the supreme court nominations, Terri Shivo, or other juicy issues. I am sure they must have had a great time figuring out exactly which issues to hammer Walsh on. There is so much material on that score, where does one even start....?


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