Monday, September 18, 2006

health care "corridor" in CNY

Anyone who has listened to Dan Maffei's speeches knows one of his ideas is to promote health care in the CNY region. He calls this a "health care corridor" that would provide jobs in the forms of hospitals and medical research. Business Week has a very interesting article on how communities that once were strong in manufacturing use health care jobs to stem declining economies.

Thats a vision far more substantial and reality-based then the empty chair of his oponent, Mr. Jim Walsh, who, in exchange for some nickles and dimes of pork and 18 years of apathy, claims deserving of re-election.

The scary thing is that according to the article, if you take out health care, the US economy would be worse of today then it was before Bush entered office. The economy would be toast. Makes sense when you look at all the factory and IT jobs lost.

Lets get Dan elected. CNY needs people like him. And lets put that empty suit Walsh into retirement.


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