Saturday, September 23, 2006

Clear Channel Protecting Walsh

So first WIMP which is owned by Clear Channel pulled a factual anti-Walsh ad.

Now Clear Channel has decided to pull the anti-Walsh radio ad from its radio stations in Syracuse, of which it owns 7.

Why did they pull the ad? Was it because Jim Walsh wasn't being factual in the recording? Or is it because they are invested in Jim Walsh and censoring ads against him is a great way to help his campaign while subverting campaign finance laws?


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They pulled it because they are invested in keeping Republicans in power. Clear Channel, Fox News, and other such right wing organs are dedicated to maintaining the plutocracy of wealth in power in this country. Its an ideology of like minded individuals who have been promoted to positions of power to take actions which benefit one point of view supress other points of view.

Jim Walsh is our stupid but important represntative of that ideology in this region.

Its all disgusting. The USA is a barely functioning democracy, thats being edged into becoming a plutocracy.

We still have our votes, or they would not be working so hard to supress it. And, fortunately, we have an incredible candidate.

So FIGHT BACK. Time is running out! Help the democrats retake this country!

Protest in front of their office building!

Send them letters of complaint and get them published in the post!


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