Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Maffei/Arcuri Event Coverage

From New 10 Now:

Both Michael Arcuri and Dan Maffei voiced their concerns on the recent vote to uphold a veto on federal funding for stem cell research.

The candidates disagree with the way current congressman Jim Walsh voted, and say the research should be allowed to continue.

Dan Maffei, a congressional candidate in the 25th district, said government should look to the futrue.

"The districts across the state have a real potential to do medical research and to be identified with real cutting edge research, but we can't do that if we have representatives in Congress who look to the past and not to the future," Maffei said.

Two Congressional candidates in highly competitive seats hold a press conference to take a stand on a major issue and announce a new plan for Central New York's economy, so what does Fred Pierce at the Sub-Standard cover? You guessed it, Tom Suozzi on DestiNY. Yep, why not cover the guy with only slightly larger shot of becoming the next governor of than I do, instead of two candidates who could very well be serving us in Congress come next year on a major issue. The Sub-Standard has proven it is actively a part of Jim Walsh's reelection machine.


At 10:52 PM, Anonymous upstate guy said...

hey, we don't call it the Substandard for nothing! Let's get some letters to the editor calling them on their blatant bias!


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