Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good Letter

Here's a good letter to the editor taking Jim Walsh to task for his position on stem cell research:

He says "embryonic stem cell research has yet to lead to a cure for any single disease." Aren't we talking about funding research? That's like not investing in a shovel because we don't already have a hole.

Saying that lack of private funding is evidence of the lack of potential misses the fact that most private funding for medical research is from drug companies. Why would drug companies that make billions on things like insulin, fund research for a cure for diabetes?

He says "there is a lack of true consensus within the medical community." This is simply not true. This myth was perpetrated by the Bush White House when federal funding was first withheld.

The White House had to search for someone to support their position while ignoring a signed statement from 80 Nobel laureates, including James Watson, urging Bush not to ban federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.


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