Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Press Coverage of Numbers

Rochester D & C:

Rep. James Walsh, R-Onondaga, raised $309,509 over the three-month period, spent $203,619 and had $607,715 on hand. He has already run a series of television ads in the 25th District, which runs from Syracuse to Webster. Contributions to his campaign included $2,100 from Rochester Higher Education & Research Political Action Committee and $1,000 from The Pike Co. president Thomas Judson.

"We had a very successful quarter," said Walsh spokesman Dan Gage. "We head into the summer real strong with our finances."

His Democratic opponent, Daniel Maffei of Syracuse, raised $125,037 over the period, spent $93,489 and had $206,722 on hand. His top contributors included $5,000 from SEIU COPE. "We're on pace to meet the budget we laid out a few months ago," said Maffei spokesman John Balduzzi, saying the race will require about $1 million to be competitive.


In the 25th District, incumbent Rep. James Walsh, R-Onondaga, reported raising $303,919 during the April-June quarter and spending $199,609. Walsh has raised $690,305 during the 2005-06 election cycle and has a cash balance of $607,715, according to his FEC report.

Walsh's Democratic opponent, former congressional aide Dan Maffei, of DeWitt, reported that he raised $125,037 during the quarter and spent $92,290. He has raised a total of $331,732 during the election cycle and reported having $206,722 in cash on hand as of June 30.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Sub Standard. Talk about providing as little detail as possible. I was in Rochester this weekend and their paper does a remarkable thing: they report on EVERY vote by upstate MCs! Can you imagine? Rather than just running fluff pieces on how great their MC is for bringing home pork or running "stories" on how unlikely it is for someone to beat an incumbent, they actually tell their readers, every day, how their MC voted on every bill that comes up in Congress! Imagine...a paper that informs.

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, Spector is pretty good amongst small town political writers

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sub Standard needs to be put on notice. Everyone with a stake in this election - getting rid of that puppet Walsh and putting in someone with a brain and consience - needs to write letters to the editor of that newspaper. Complain when they are biassed or negligent in reporting local politics. Let them know the staus quo of Syracuse's economic situation stinks out loud. Speak your mind on their websites. And- if they indulge in Fox news-like right wing bias- boycot them. Do not place adds in their classified sections and discourage people you know from doing so. Make your voice heard.


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