Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Paloma's Statement

On withdrawing from the race:

It is only after difficult deliberations that I withdraw from this race.

I wish all of the best to my colleague, Dan Maffei, for his victory over the Incumbent, Jim Walsh, in this year's election. We must all do what we can to achieve Democratic victory, starting right here in New York's 25th Congressional District.

After ten months on the campaign trail, I can attest that Democracy in America is alive and well. In what other country in the world could a woman with a dream have the right to run for national office, and then exercise that right? The support of so many people, including people registered to the opposition party? The protection of law to speak out against the majority party and the president? It is a powerful truth that in some countries, I might have been jailed, kidnapped, or assassinated for what I just did.

We must not take freedom for granted. I have now entered political life, and will make it my career. There is much work to be done, especially to end the US military presence in Iraq, control nuclear proliferation and create a modern nuclear policy, and to institute lawful national security. We must all work hard to restore America to her rightful place as a mature democracy on the world stage.

Right here at home, we will continue Campaign FOR Kids! to make this the best summer ever for children who are living in poverty. We must never forget the littlest of voices often have the greatest need. No child should live in poverty.

The list of thank yous is too long to list. My heart is bursting with appreciation for all that you have done. Your belief. Your encouragement. Your time. And your loyalty.


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