Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Maffei Event Tonight

Don't forget, Dan Maffei is opening his campaign hq tonight:

Grand Opening of Campaign Headquarters with Special Guest,
Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll

Tuesday, July 11


305 S. Main Street
North Syracuse, New York 13212

Maffei for Congress will open its Campaign Headquarters on July 11th. Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll, North Syracuse Mayor John Heindorf, Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chairman Robert Romeo, various City of Syracuse and Onondaga County elected officials and members of the Onondaga County Democratic Committee will officially open the first Democratic Congressional Campaign Headquarters in New York's 25th District in over a decade.


At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Dan Maffei said...

Here is what I said tonight at the HQ opening:

From Syracuse to Sodus, Irondequoit to Olean, Manlius to Meridian, the citizens of this 25th Congressional district are dissatisfied with the direction of the country and the direction of this region.

They are tired of the same old, same old from politicians who claim to be moderate but vote time and again with George Bush and his policies that are harming upstate New York.

The citizens are demanding change. But our Congressman does not seem to be listening.

Instead, he does things the same way he has for the last 18 years in which he has had an office in Washington.

He offers no new ideas to promote our economy or lower our energy costs.

He offers nothing new to address our health care crisis and refuses even to give seniors more time to figure out the super-confusing prescription drug plan.

He washes his hands of the problems faced by public schools and says not to worry when census figures show young families continuing to move out of Central New York.

And he still refuses to hold any town hall meetings to hear what ideas his constituents have.

My fellow citizens, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you do things the same way year after year, then you’re not going to get any change.

If we want change in Washington and in Central New York, we’re going to have to change our congressman.

Thanks to many people and particularly to Ken Howland and Paloma Capanna -- and thanks again Paloma for speaking tonight -- today is the first day of the united campaign to bring about that change.

This headquarters is in a key spot where two great towns -- Cicero & Clay -- come together in the great village of North Syracuse.

But more important than that, this is now a key spot in a struggle to shape the future of a great region in a great state in a great nation.

George Bush’s policies of favoring the superrich and multinational corporations over the middle-class and small businesses must end.

George Bush’s arrogance in international affairs and his placing our men and women in harm’s way without any plan to bring them home must be opposed.

George Bush’s abuse of power and his coddling of right-wing extremists must be checked.

This Congress and, yes, our Congressman, Jim Walsh, have said time and again, they will not stand up and change business as usual.

So, it’s up to us. We have to change it. Starting right here. Starting right now.

The opportunity is knocking. This is a key district in the battle to bring a Democratic majority to Congress. If you don’t believe me, ask Democratic Congressional Campaign chairman Rahm Emanuel who was here last week.

This year, we have a strong wind in our sails and we travel the same waters as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s re-election campaign and the great campaign to bring Elliot Spitzer to the governor’s mansion to bring much needed change to Albany.

To win, we need one more thing, and it's the most important. We need your help. Are you ready to help me and bring about change?

Nobody says it’s going to be easy. Nobody says it’s not going to take a lot of work. It will even take a little money. And, we must have faith that our future here in Central New York will be better than our past.

I am here to tell you to have a little faith.

Here on South Main Street in North Syracuse, a revitalized Central New York and an America full of hope in the future is right around the corner and just about four months away.

So, please keep joining us from now until November. And together we can make a better future for Upstate New York and America.

Thank you.


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