Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dan To Open Campaign Office

Formerly Mike Bragman's:

Dan Maffei, the designated Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Jim Walsh, is pitching his campaign base camp on the party's equivalent of hallowed ground: former Assemblyman Michael Bragman's district office.

Maffei on Tuesday will formally open his campaign headquarters in the North Syracuse building that was leased by the former Assembly majority leader for much of his two-decade tenure, said John Balduzzi, Maffei's spokesman.

"We didn't select this spot because it was Mike Bragman's old headquarters," Balduzzi said of the building at 305 S. Main St. "We picked it because it's right in the center of what we believe to be the swing area of Onondaga County: Clay and Cicero."

The building's status as a political landmark, however, has helped immensely in giving supporters directions to the 6 p.m. grand opening, he said.

The guest list of politicos for Tuesday's event includes Rep. Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll; North Syracuse Mayor John Heindorf; and Onondaga County Democratic Chairman Robert Romeo.

The politician most familiar with the old brick building, however, has not responded to his invitation. "We don't know if he's coming," Balduzzi said of Bragman. "We invited him. We left a message."
I have to say, I like the choice.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger Orangeman said...

Nice about launching a clock on the blog to see how long it takes before Walsh decides he should respect the voters enough to open his own HQ?

At 2:06 PM, Blogger The Watcher said...

I think we are better off if he doesn't open a campaign office, the more he thinks he can get by with coasting through this election the easier he will be to beat. No sense in pressuring him into doing something that is going to help him.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Orangeman said...

Interesting idea, although the fact that he's already run $150 large in TV ads kinda tells us he knows he has a problem, no?

My read on Walsh is he has thin skin, he has an ego, and he doesn't like to look pressured. Put yourself in Dan Gage's place and how the conversation goes:

"Uh, Mr. Chairman? Listen, this Maffei guy opened up a campaign HQ, and now the blogs are running a clock to see ho wlon git takes you to open a HQ. And, I think we'll need to open one up."

And just what do you think Congressman James T. Walsh is going to say to his snivelling little lackey?

More seriously, Democrats ALWAYS lose when we try to "sneak up" on Republicans. There's no sneaking here -- the CHAIRMAN of the DCCC was in town yesterday. If THAT didn;t wake Walsh up, then a little pressure to open a HQ isn;t going to do it!

At 6:23 PM, Blogger The Watcher said...

Not necessarily, the ad buy strikes me as strategic arrogance. They think they can run a few ads in June and make what they see as a blip on the rader screen disappear. If you are in a serious battle a small two week buy for $150K doesn't make much strategic sense, people will long forget the ads. On top of that, the ads were weak, no one sees those ads and says, "hot damn, we need Jim Walsh in Congress" they were fluff and I doubt had any effect on his standing in the polls.

In general, I think Jim Walsh is too arrogant to take the race seriously and Dan Gage is in the same echo chamber. Read their quotes to the press. A few months ago Walsh said he was "strong in Syracuse" and that makes him hard to beat. I've read the numbers, Walsh performs no better in Syracuse than would be expected of a generic Republican with his County wide totals.

And for your last point, there's 4000 years of military history that disagree.


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