Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dan Maffei's Statement on Paloma Withdrawal


"I am humbled this day to accept the support of a former competitor for the Democratic nomination, Paloma A. Capanna. I am grateful for her support but also for the way in which she conducted her campaign. She ran an excellent campaign full of energy and communicated great ideas to help upstate New Yorkers. She would say that we were more like running mates than rivals and she was right. Both of us share strong family values and a strong will to fight for the changes so needed in our nation and in our region.

I will be asking Ms. Capanna not to leave the political arena this year but to continue to become involved in attracting new people to the Democratic Party and to the cause of restoring our Constitutional checks and balances in Washington.

As she and I discussed, the late primary in New York State makes it difficult to have a primary election without detracting from the eventual nominees capacity to defeat the incumbent. Today, Ms. Capanna put the cause of beating Jim Walsh ahead of herself. She has put party unity first. I applaud her for her energetic and thoughtful campaign and pledge to campaign with as much energy and passion as she has."


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