Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad Poll News for Republicans

Well the question of who was polling has been solved, after checking with the reader who alerted me to the polling, he confirmed that it was this poll conducted for NPR by GQR Research (a Democratic firm) and Public Opinion Strategies (a Republican firm). It was a poll conducted in the 50 most competitive Congressional districts, 40 which are held by Republicans, 9 by Democrats and 1 by an Independent. It's bad news for Republicans and here are some interesting findings:
  • 61% think the country is headed in the wrong directions
  • 55% disapprove of Bush, 45% strongly disapprove
  • Only 29% plan to vote for the incumbent, 46% plan to vote for the challenger
  • Democrats are more interested in the election than Republicans, and voters overall are much more interested than they have been in any recent election
  • Democrats lead in a generic race by 7 points, and when the candidates are named by 6 points (Bush won these 50 districts by 12 points in 04)
  • Democrats hold a 4 point lead over Republicans in the Republican held seats, and a 3 point lead over Republicans in the second tier races.
  • The debates over stem cell research and the Republican base issues are both making voters more likely to support the Democrats.

It's all good news at this point, it's worth a read.


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