Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Walsh Feels the Pressure

The Rochester D & C gives a short blurb about Jim Walsh's new website today. I was slightly shocked because Walsh's "new website" has been around since at least March. But now Jim has taken up blogging. After having seen how this blog has been used against him, he is clearly trying to harness the power blogging too. If you have any doubt that Walsh is at least quietly reacting to this blog, first there was an incident when the blog was in its infancy, now stuff is disappearing from his campaign website. I've long criticized Walsh for having nothing to say about our economy or our security in his issues section of his campaign site, but now both sections have disappeared. Of course, if I had no plan for our economy or our security, I wouldn't want to admit it either.


At 9:53 PM, Anonymous upstate guy said...

pretty sad excuse for a "blog"... I mean, looking at the thing, it seems pretty clear to me that Jimbo has no idea what a "blog" is. Strange that someone on his staff at least couldn't come up with something better than that. And the post, just trying to convince us that Jim's just a regular Syracuse guy who goes to Wegmans just like you and me...

At 10:38 PM, Blogger The Watcher said...

It reeks of something that was no with no plan behind it. Someone was probably like, hey, the one blog is hurting us we should blog too. I think it is a symptom of a bigger issue, Jim Walsh is in no means prepared for a serious campaign.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous upstate guy said...

that's good news, let's hope it stays that way! Nothing better for us than him underestimating the strength of the opposition.

BTW what's the voting machine situation in the different counties of the district?

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Orangeman said...

When was the last time Walsh actually opened a campaign HQ? We really shouldn't let him get away with running a campaign out of his taxpayer funded Congressional office with his taxpayer funded staff.

On that same note - what can we do about the Double-Standard?? They cover a pseudo-blog but they won't even cover legitimate votes -- like Walsh's flip-flop on the minimum wage??!! They did the same thing in the Mayor's race -- pick sides and then abuse the readership.

I hear that its entirely at the editorial level and the specific journalists are told what they can and can;t write about. Pretty lame, and humiliating, for them.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger The Watcher said...


In 04, Walsh had his son on campaign payroll for re-election and I believe he has someone on campaign payroll for this election. But either way its clear its being run (half-assed but that's good) by Dan Gage. Also, I haven't seen anything about the website/blog in Sub-Standard, yet only the D & C. But either way, the SS is doing everything it can to make sure Jim Walsh is re-elected.

upstate guy,
I have no idea what the voting machine status is, but I'll look into it.


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