Friday, June 09, 2006

Walsh Ad Scripts

Here are the scripts to the other two ads, courtesy of House Race Hotline (subcription required):

ANNCR: "Our Congressman Jim Walsh: He's known as one of New York's most effective and influential members of Congress, but he's also known for his independence and his attention to local concerns. Solving local problems, meeting local needs, improving education and health care, creating jobs and strengthening neighborhoods." WALSH: "I was elected to Congress to do one thing: represent the people of this district and that's just what I've done"

McSHANE: "As a proud Vietnam veteran, I've relied on VA health care for several years now. Today, health care for local veterans is better than ever thanks in large part to Congressman Jim Walsh. He won a 70% increase in veteran spending, oversaw the introduction of electronic record keeping, and stepped up the VA's committment to mental health services. Every veteran has a friend in Jim Walsh." WALSH: "I'm Jim Walsh. Our veterans deserve the best. That's why I'm committed to their health care and that's why I approve this message"


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