Saturday, June 10, 2006

Paloma Interview

Congressional Quarterly interviewed Paloma Capanna:

CQ: What are other areas you would say are vulnerable areas for the congressman?

Capanna: Definitely No. 1 is his lack of a relationship with the general electorate. There’s no question on that. They feel disenfranchised from him; an overwhelming number of people feel he’s been non-responsive when they have sought him out for clarification of an issue, for speaking at a town hall meeting, for coming to talk to their group. So definitely that would be category No. 1.

Category No. 2 is a surprise, and that is his voting record. People do not thoroughly know how he has voted . . . and I say that was a surprise.

Because his public perception would be item No. 3, a vulnerability, which is a determination to be associated with Republican leadership, across the last 17 years. Now that is a very double-edged sword he faces in this election. Now all of the sudden he wants to say, well, I have been a leader but not with them, as if one can abruptly distance oneself off of a voting record 93 percent in step with Tom DeLay [the strongly conservative former House majority leader from Texas who resigned from Congress Thursday after a series of ethics controversies].

Your record is what it is. . . . [Now] he is facing — whether it is publicly or at the polls, and hopefully both — he is now facing a public that is looking for the answer of whether he is associated with the corrupt Republican leadership or he isn’t.


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