Friday, June 16, 2006

Outlook 94?

The Wall Street Journal says it's beginning to look a lot like '94:

Today's polls are even worse for President Bush and the Republican-led Congress. In October 1994, a pre-election Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed 48% of Americans approved of Mr. Clinton's performance. That compares with Mr. Bush's 37% in a new Journal/NBC poll, conducted June 9-12. Congress's approval rating is 23% -- four percentage points lower than in October 1994. And by an 11-point margin, Americans now prefer a Democratic-run Congress; in October 1994, Republicans had a six-point edge.


Yet Democrats don't need as many House seats. In 1994, Republicans needed at least 40. The Democrats' magic number is 15.


Now the political energy is on Democrats' side, among antiwar, environmental, abortion-rights and pro-immigration Hispanic groups, while Republicans worry that demoralized conservatives won't vote. And where conservative talk-radio hosts emerged in 1994 to spread Republicans' message, today liberal bloggers seek to do the same for Democrats.

The New York Times also has an article on the role of Suburbs in control of the House. As I've said in the past, the Suburbs are where this race is going to be decided, particularly those in the North and East of Syracuse, Cicero, Clay, Dewitt, Manlius and Salina. Kerry won all but Cicero, and it will be key for the Democratic candidate to carry and win all 5 by as much as possible.


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