Monday, June 12, 2006

New Definition of Indepence?

Here's what one of Jimbo's ads say:

ANNCR: "Our Congressman Jim Walsh: He's known as one of New York's most effective and influential members of Congress, but he's also known for his independence and his attention to local concerns. Solving local problems, meeting local needs, improving education and health care, creating jobs and strengthening neighborhoods." WALSH: "I was elected to Congress to do one thing: represent the people of this district and that's just what I've done"

Since when has voting 88% with George Bush and 84% with Tom DeLay been considered Independence? It seems to me the only independence Jimbo has shown is from the views of his constituents on issues like stem cell research and abortion. So when Jimbo says he's representing the people of this district, you have to wonder if he's talking about a district in Central New York or in Central Texas.


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