Friday, June 23, 2006


A week ago I sent an e-mail to Paloma Capanna's campaign requesting an interview and I never got so much as a reply. Now I'm a big boy, my feelings aren't hurt, because the real loser in this situation is Paloma. She had the opportunity to get her message out by answering a few easy questions, but as all my emails to the campaign, it was ignored. Now I know my readership is decidedly supporting another candidate, but I've given her a great deal of coverage and avoided taking shots at her like many of my readers would have liked. Initially, I thought her campaign would be more likely to embrace bloggers, but it has really been the exact opposite.

Oh well, it can be a lesson for future candidates confronted with bloggers, take the opportunity to reach out. My readership has steadily grown and reaches a lot of important eyes, it was a win-win for her.


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ran into her recently at an event and asked her a few questions. All she could do was talk about how "challenging" this experience was for her. When I brought up the idea of either she or Maffei dropping if it looked like the party was behind one over the other, she spoke in odd ways about her being "meant" for this position at this time. Bottom line was she came off as someone obsessed with the office and the experience of running. Her website reads the same way: it is all about how amazing it is to run and how hard it is. I simply can't take her seriously as a candidate. I don't follow the line of thinking from others that indicate she is some Republican op. Rather, I think she is too into herself and does not see this race as the important one that it is: one in which we have a chance (ok, a small one) of knocking off a Republican incumbent. I don't know if Maffei can do it, but I KNOW Paloma cannot. It is time we did to her what she did to you, Watcher: Ignore her. She is not a candidate and we should stop treating her like one. Sooner we coalesce around one candidate, sooner we can work seriously at beating Jim Walsh.

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Orangeman said...

Watcher, you're not alone in asking for information from her and getting nothing. I had the same experience.

I'm admittedly one of those who reads your blog and have openly asked you to take sides. You've held your ground and given equal treatment to all candidates (even Howland before he dropped out and endorsed Maffei). My support for Maffei came from an evaluation of what each candidates brings to the table -- or doesn't bring to the table. No matter how open minded I tried to be, I just don't see Capanna as ever having had the credentials, vision, skills, or understanding of the job she seeks.

She lost any chance with me when she blogged on her websight about the moving experience she had when she went to Washington early in her campaign, and felt as if she was already a Member. That's a person who has her own interest first, not mine.

Maffei seems to be an earnest guy. He's not flashy, but he's putting together an impressive run in a district where NOBODY has been willing to stand up and try for a very long time. And, by the way, he has some pretty good positions and ideas on his website. Indeed, Jim Walsh doesn't even seem to be able to post any ideas on the Economy or Security on his campaign website. That site has been up for a couple months now, and he still has nothing to say about the two most important issues in Central New York?

At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worst thing would be if Pamala shrinks overall support for the Democrats as a whole by dividing us and weaking Dan's war chest. Best thing to do is ignore.

At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Wolfman said...

I just wanted to respond to some of the claims made by the "bash Paloma" commenters. First, the idea that Capanna's presence in the race is going to divide the Democratic vote and hurt Maffei is ludicrous. Everyone knows that primaries in New York are Kremlin elections-- Maffei is going to win and everyone knows it. Capanna is simply trying to raise her profile for 2008 in the event Walsh wins (which I think he will). Capanna has no ill will toward Maffei and is not going to run negative against him; she even posted pictures of the two of them together on her website.

In terms of her credentials as a candidate, the allegation that she is an empty suit is way off base. As a recent graduate of SU, I've had the opportunity to meet both Capanna and Maffei. Both candidates are smart and qualified to hold the office. Dan is a very nice guy, but there's a natural awkwardness to him. I just see Maffei as a born staffer who's a fish out of water as a candidate. Paloma cuts a much more impressive presence, and while she may be a little self-absorbed, I dare you to find a serious candidate for federal office who isn't.

Bottom line-- Maffei will give Walsh a good fight, but I don't see him winning. If Capanna had the resources and the backing from the party establishment that Maffei has, she would be the stronger candidate with the better chance to win.

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolfman I wish you were right about the primary. But, the reality is that there are a lot organizations and individuals who won't support a candidate either financially or with endorsements if they are facing a primary. Maffei would be able to put up a better fight if these groups didn't sit on the fence until mid-September. Paloma's self-absorbtion does hurt Maffei and it also kills any chance she'll have the support of the party establishment if she is eyeing 2008.

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Wolfman, you're way off. First, no one from outside Onondaga County has a prayer of winning against Jim Walsh. Second, Paloma Capanna is no where near ready for prime time. She's too obsessed with her flowery writing that says nothing and she appears to have less of a plan to win than Bush in Iraq.

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have met both candidates and I must say whatever “awkwardness” you got from Mr. Maffei must have been a bad day for him. I came away knowing he was sure of himself but not full of himself like Ms. Capanna came across to me. Mr. Maffei really had answers to every question and Ms. Capanna was roundabout with her answers, plus she was more concerned about giving herself praise and accolades than giving detailed solutions to the questions.

My take on a Primary is it will suppress both candidates and their chances against Walsh. Too many resources will not distribute until September this hurts Ms. Capanna and Mr. Maffei. My question is how does any good Democrat in a year where there is a chance to unseat an 18 year incumbent force a Primary? Wouldn’t it seem logical to step aside and allow the candidate with the most support focus on Walsh? I guess the question is WHO is candidate with such support and what is the guideline outside of a Primary to determine the best candidate?


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