Monday, June 19, 2006

Cayuga Coverage

Dan Maffei has the text of an Auburn Citizen (I couldn't find it on their website) story on the race:

In New York, a half dozen House incumbents are fighting off Democratic attempts to fuse them to Bush, whose approval rating stands at just 22 percent in the state, according to the Associated Press.

One such incumbent is Walsh. Dan Maffei, former media advisor to Sen. Bill Bradley, has emerged as his likely Democratic challenger in the fall.


Van Hollen said the 25th is being targeted by the DCCC this year: "We believe the state of New York provides excellent opportunities in picking up extra seats. New York 25 is certainly one of those."

Walsh recently ran a series of television ads, which some Democrats have said make him appear vulnerable.

And one of my new favorite features, Stupid Dan Gage Quotes!

"Our goal is to show residents of the district all of the reasons why they support Jim Walsh, why they like Jim Walsh."

Uh, what?


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