Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Big Love

No, not the kind that takes place in Utah, but House Race Hotline devouted its entire intro (subscription required) to the race today:

An ad war is heating up in the heart of upstate NY. Last week, Rep. James Walsh (R-NY 25) went up with three TV ads touting his biography and testimonials from his constituents. Now his opponent, Ways and Means staffer Dan Maffei (D) is responding with his own ad, set to air tomorrow.
-- How vulnerable is Walsh? He's running in a CD won by both Kerry and Gore, and he hasn't faced a serious challenge since '96. And about 106,000 voters left their ballots blank in '04 when he ran unopposed.
-- This would also be Walsh's first competitive race in the Rochester market because of redistricting. The CD is losing much of its manufacturing base, with both Carrier and GE cutting jobs.
-- Maffei still faces many hurdles. Walsh's seat on Appropriations helps him funnel money back home and Maffei's work for Charlie Rangel isn't an asset here. But with Hillary and Spitzer expected to win big up-ballot, this is the type of seat Dems are increasingly focused on winning.


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