Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Flip Flop

Jim Walsh has had an incredible week of flip flopping, Wishy Washy Walsh. This time it was the line-item veto:

A decade ago, Congress approved a line-item veto, which allowed the president to remove provisions from congressionally approved bills before signing them into law. The ostensible aim was to curb pork-barrel spending. Skeptics dubbed it the stop-me-before-I-spend-again bill.

Rep. James Walsh, R-Onondaga, voted in favor of it in 1996.


This time, Walsh voted against it. He was one of only 15 Republicans to oppose the measure.

Wishy Washy Walsh's explanation:

Walsh pointed out that Congress needs no line-item veto to keep it from spending too much. No spending proposal gets to the president's desk without having won the approval of a majority of both houses of Congress.


"If [The President] needs my vote on something (unrelated to spending), he has the ability to go in after one of my projects if I don't go along with him," Walsh said.

Now, since Wishy Washy Walsh already votes with Bush 88% of the time, I don't think needing his vote is a big concern for Bush. But even so, the real reason, is about re-election, without his pork there's no real reason for anyone to vote for him and he is on the pork happy Appropriation committee, where coincidentally, 10 of the 15 Republican who voted against this bill also serve.


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