Thursday, June 15, 2006

Air War Coverage

The Sub-Standard gives some coverage to Dan Maffei and Jimbo's air war:

Democratic congressional candidate Dan Maffei plans to meet an early television blitz by Republican incumbent Rep. Jim Walsh, and he wants you to help him pick his weapon.

Maffei Wednesday posted three possible television commercials on his campaign Web site (www.maffeiforcongress. com) and urged visitors to vote for their favorite.

The winner, in true "American Idol" fashion, will be aired in the Syracuse area with the same frequency as Walsh's ads, said John Balduzzi, Maffei's campaign manager.

"We want supporters who are just as fed up with the way this nation's moving to be part of this campaign," Balduzzi said, noting that the ads would begin running by Friday.

The Maffei campaign couldn't let Walsh gain an early advantage by airing unanswered political ads, Balduzzi said. He said the unusual flurry of commercials - coming nearly half a year before Election Day - was proof that the 18-year incumbent was worried.

Paloma Capanna, who has challenged Maffei to a party primary, also said he thinks Walsh is nervous, but said she doesn't plan to join the TV ad war yet.

I have to wonder if Dan Gage, Jimbo's press guy, is 100% incompetent or just 90%, look at this dumbass statement:

He dismissed Maffei's Internet voting as a gimmick that shows how Maffei will pander to polls rather than tell voters what he really thinks.

On the plus side, it shows us that Jimbo's press operation will be about as effective as a wet noodle. But Mr. Gage does seem to be spending an awful lot of time talking about Jimbo's campaign while on the taxpayer's dime.


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