Monday, June 19, 2006

Abusing the Pork

Two of Jimbo's bosses, Jerry Lewis and Denny Hastert are getting a hard look over some spoiled pork.

Lewis, the Chair of the Appropriations committee, is suspected of delivering pork to local municipalities after they hire a Washington lobby firm that donates heavily to Lewis. Essentially Lewis has found a way to launder public money and use it for his re-election, if the accusations are true. Oh yea, the Lobbying firm includes a close friend of Lewis, a former aide and a former aide who recently left the firm.

Hastert, the Speaker of the House, is suspected of buying up land, then directing pork projects to the area to skyrocket the value and then sell it off.

On the plus side, Jimbo may have found a new reason to tell voters to re-elect him. "Re-elect me, because with all the top Republicans involved in scandal pretty soon I'll be the highest ranking Republican left."


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