Thursday, May 18, 2006

Welcome to the Party, Fred

Over at the Sub-Standard Frederic Pierce decided to join the party on the attention Hotline has been giving the race:

Candidates in the 24th and 25th congressional districts Wednesday learned that they are running in two of the 50 most competitive races in the House of Representatives this year.

The nonpartisan National Journal on Tuesday released a ranking of the most hotly contested races in the 435-seat House. The list appears to give Central New York a potentially key role during a year when a shift of just 15 seats from Republican to Democrat could change the balance of power.


Less predictable was the 25th District which includes all of Onondaga County and stretches west to the Rochester area. It was ranked as the 48th most competitive.

That's the district where Republican Rep. Jim Walsh hopes to win a 10th two-year term and four candidates are vying to challenge him on the Democratic Party ballot line.

"It was a bit of a pleasant surprise for us," said Blake Zeff , a spokesman for the state Democratic Committee, on the 25th District's inclusion on the list. Recognition by the journal could help Walsh's Democratic challengers make their case donors, Zeff said.

Unfortunately for Fred, it was quite predictable, because as I have reported the race has appeared in the Top 50, in both April and in March, when they expanded the list from 25 to 50.


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