Monday, May 08, 2006

They WILL Lose

Ken Mehlman is quickly becoming a star here, with two great doom and gloom quotes for us in the past week. But today Hotline On Call brings us something even better from him:

It was a beautiful setting for a mood-dampening dollop of pessimism.

RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, generally one of the party's premiere strategic optimists, warned GOP state chairs that the party would lose seats at every level of government.

Not "if" they didn't do X,Y, or GOTV. But "would lose," period.

But there's another exciting piece in there too:

The corollary: the more Republicans confront Pres. Bush, the more they localize national sentiment, which in turn could provoke a higher turnout among independents, which in turn could cost the party even more House, Senate and GOV seats.

I discussed how important it is to use Bush as pincer to trap Jimbo about a month ago, but this just reestablishes why it is so important to find out if Jimbo, "[thanks] God every night that George Bush is our President." or not.

Of course, this was mentioned too, which we have seen Jimbo and his supporters already engaging in:

What Mehlman and WH pol dir Sara Taylor didn't say -- but what all state chairs know -- is that the politics of nastiness generally turns off persuadable voters. So expect the marginal races this year to be quite nasty.

So I thank Mr. Mehlman and Hotline on Call three of my main points.
  1. Jimbo is vulnerable
  2. The public deserves to know about Jimbo and George
  3. Jimbo and his supporters are going to run a ruthlessly negative race because they have no record to run on.


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