Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Maffei Hits Walsh

Dan Maffei let Jimbo have it earlier this week over his Medicare part D waffle:

"Though many seniors are unaware, tonight at midnight marks the end of the Prescription Drug Part-D sign up period. Those seniors who have yet to sign up will have to wait until the end of the year and will be told to accept a minimum 7% penalty on their premiums for the rest of their lives. Unlike Mr. Walsh, I don't think seniors should have to play beat the clock to get prescription coverage. I asked Jim Walsh to pursue an extension of the Part-D deadline by supporting bipartisan legislation that would allow seniors until the end of the calendar year to decide what plan best suits their needs. Jim Walsh did not act and because of it, Central New York seniors will have to pay the price. This flawed prescription drug legislation is exactly what the Bush administration and the health industry interests wanted, and Jim Walsh rubber- stamped it. Central New Yorkers want change. Not more of the same."

How's that saying go, something about someone fiddling while something is burning?


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