Monday, May 22, 2006

Jimbo Gets Rolled

Recently Jimbo has been spouting off about how important and powerful he is:

I'm a senior member. I chair a subcommittee on appropriations. I have the ability to affect legislation and policy.

So the question is, why did a two-term Congressman roll the all powerful 9 term subcommittee chair?:

The conservatives, led by Representative Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas, used parliamentary procedures to delete about 20 projects worth $507 million from the $94 billion spending bill for the 2007 fiscal year, which will begin Oct. 1.

This was Jimbo's bill from Jimbo's subcommittee and Jimbo was in charge of getting it past. After getting embarrassed, the all powerful Whiney Walsh went on to ask for some cheese with this statement:

Representative James T. Walsh, a New York Republican and chairman of the subcommittee that wrote the bill, criticized Mr. Hensarling, saying, "He does not understand that we are at war."

The sad thing is, Jimbo would be even less powerful come 2007 when Democrats control the House.


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