Thursday, May 18, 2006

In the Middle of the Night

Jimbo says no to the fiscally responsible alternative budget:

An amendment in the nature of a substitute offered in lieu of amendment numbered 3 printed in part B of House Report 109-468 to establish a 10 year budget through fiscal year 2016; balance the budget by 2012; put forth smaller deficits than the House Republican budget for 2007 and over five years; accumulate less debt over five years than House Republican budget; reject cuts to important domestic priorities, such as education, health, veterans, and the environment; provide more funding than the Republican budget for homeland security functions, including port security; be devoid of reconciliation instructions; provide middle-class tax relief; and provide for budget enforcement rules to restore fiscal discipline. Pursuant to a previous unanimous consent request, the amendment also contains a modification in the level of emergency spending, from $4.348 billion to $6.45 billion.

Jimbo and his Republican comrades must think that if they do it at 12am, we won't notice. Of course, how could Jimbo support it, it goes against the three main tenets of the modern Republican Party; Unbalanced Budgets, Larger and Larger Deficits and More and More National Debt!


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