Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bloggers Rule

Or so says Time Magazine:

But the enthusiasm for blogs crosses party lines. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy last year started holding conference calls in which they allow liberal bloggers to air complaints and offer suggestions on issues. Top Senate and House Republican leaders invite influential conservative bloggers to the Capitol, where they can ask the members questions. Republican Bill Frist, another potential 2008 candidate, has talked to the bloggers who run powerlineblog and instapundit, two big conservative sites. John Edwards had a group of about 10 key bloggers to his home for a dinner last year. Warner, Reid and Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, another potential 2008 candidate, will all head in June to Yearly Kos, a convention Daily Kos is organizing in Las Vegas.

The embrace of the blogs has helped spawn a new kind a staffer on Capitol Hill: the Internet outreach specialist. In Reid’s office, Ari Rabin-Havt, 27, who worked for and on the Internet team for John Kerry’s presidential campaign, spends his entire day reading blogs, responding to hundreds of e-mails from bloggers and figuring out how to get stories favorable to Senate Democrats onto the blogs. The relationship is helpful for both sides; Rabin-Havt will feed documents on key issues to the bloggers, which they like because it helps them post faster, and the close contact helps politicians head off some negative stories before they surface on the blogs.

So don't forget how important I am.


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