Friday, April 28, 2006

Voters Want Guys with Skills

Apparently Dan Maffei has been putting some of those Press Secretary skills to good use.

The other day he was in a Chicago Tribune article:

As Democrat Dan Maffei runs for Congress in Syracuse, N.Y., he's heading for the gas pumps.

"Whether the cameras show up or not, that's where the angry voters are and believe me, in upstate New York there are a lot of angry voters at gas stations," said Maffei, a former congressional aide.

Maffei and other Democrats are aggressively seizing on the rising price of gas as they try to defeat incumbent Republicans this year. And on Capitol Hill, grim-faced Republicans are acknowledging that gasoline in excess of $3 a gallon has the power to hurt consumers as well as GOP political prospects.

And then today he's quoted in Congressional Quarterly's roundup of quotes on the issue of the week:

“There’s a number of things you can do in the long run. You asked me how did we get here. I mean, an energy bill that gives the lion’s share to oil and gas companies is one of the ways we got here. A lot of empty rhetoric. ‘We’re addicted to oil.’ Well, it’s nice the president says that, but it’s like a drug dealer going into a neighborhood and saying, ‘We have a real crack problem here.’ That’s all fine and good, but we need to see the kind of alternative energies we have in upstate New York.”
— Dan Maffei, a Democrat and former aide to the House Ways and Means Committee who is seeking to challenge nine-term Republican Rep. James T. Walsh in New York’s 25th District. The alternative energy sources to which he refers include wind, biodiesel, solar and water power.

While neither has much reach within the district, they do have good reach among opinion makers and donors. This type of stuff keeps the race on the map and our candidates' war chest full. At this point in the race, it's still all about money, and this is only good news for Dan.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Orangeman said...

I think its time to start putting pressure on the Syracuse Double Standard to give balanced coverage to this race. I've looked at Maffei's website, and it seems like he's putting out press releases a couple times a week and they aren't covering S**t! Then they do snarky things in the Sunday paper mocking Democrats (and everyone else) who are saying Walsh is vulnerable.

We need a letter writing campaign, and people need to start calling the paper and asking why the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Congressional Quarterly, the Hotline, and a ton of other neutral publications see this as a copetitive election but they seem to want to ignore what's happening in their own back yard.


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