Thursday, April 06, 2006

This Race is Real

After weeks of pounding home the message here, that Jimbo is vulnerable, the Sub-Standard has picked up the story:

Rep. Jim Walsh, one of New York's longest-serving and most powerful congressmen, is also one of its most vulnerable, and could be targeted for attack this year, according to national Democratic Party strategists.

Disenchantment with the Bush administration and high-profile Republican scandals, coupled with a growing local taste for Democratic candidates and the area's sluggish economy, have created an opportunity for takeover, said Jen Psaki, regional coordinator for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"What we're seeing in Upstate New York is that people are dissatisfied with their leadership in Washington and dissatisfied with the people who are representing them and are ready, at this point, for a change," Psaki said.


"The Republican partisan stranglehold on this part of New York is in retreat," McClure said. "Is Jim (Walsh) more vulnerable in this election than he has been in any other recent election? The answer is yes. How vulnerable? The answer to that is, it's a long way to Election Day."

Recent votingtrends, Democratic Party polls and the unusually large number of potential Democratic challengers looking to snag a congressional seat all suggest that GOP incumbents - including Walsh - are in for tough challenges this year, McClure said.

"Jim has a special problem that isn't shared by many of his House colleagues," McClure said. "He represents an area where it's increasingly hard for Republicans to hold office, where there is increasingly anti-Bush sentiment, so he has the Republican label and his association with Bush is a clear liability."

And the Republicans are running scared, doing whatever they can not to talk about what Jimbo is voting for in Washington:

"The Democrats don't understand that congressional elections are about local issues and ticket-splitting is the norm," Patru said.


"It's apparent that what Dan Maffei wants to do is nationalize a very local election," Gage said.

The emphasis was mine, but the simple fact is that in Washington Jimbo has been just another Rubber Stamp Republican more concerned with George Bush's marching orders than the interest of his district. From his quixotic position on stem cell research to his attacks on working families Jimbo is out of touch with his constituents. How you vote in Washington matters Jimbo, and this election you will be held accountable for that.


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