Monday, April 03, 2006

Leaving Children Defenseless

It's Scorecard Monday here at The Walsh Watch, and this week's issue is defending children.

An organization that is dedicated to actually leaving no child behind, not just saying it, The Children's Defense Fund, not only gave Jimbo a big fat ZERO but rated him as one of "The Worst Representatives for Children". Here are a few of the lowlights:
  • Jimbo voted against an amendment that would have provided more funding for children's programs.
  • Jimbo voted for the final budget bill that cut $34.7 Billion in funding to help poor children while giving out $70 billion in tax cuts.
  • Jimbo voted for a bill that cut nearly $40 Billion in funding for programs for children in order to offset the deficit.

So, despite Jimbo's quixotic position on stem cell research and being so far out of the mainstream that he makes George Bush look moderate on abortion, Jimbo only seems to be pro-life when it's just rhetoric.


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