Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jim Hearts Tom Part II

As noted last night, Republican Culture of Corruption Kingpin Tom DeLay is calling it quits. On Friday, another of his former top aides, copped a plea deal in the Jack Abramoff scandal. Now it looks like DeLay is on the verge of being indicted in a second scandal. Jimbo was of course just a loyal Lieutenant in the Republican Culture of Corruption machine:

  • Jimbo donated $1,000 to DeLay's Legal Defense Fund.
  • Jimbo threatened other Congressmen at DeLay's behest during the Medicare debate. The incident would let get DeLay admonished by the House Ethics Committee.
  • Jimbo showed where he really stood by selling CNY out to polluters in a vote described as "a surrogate vote on Tom DeLay."

Maybe Jimbo should do us a favor and follow DeLay's lead.


At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walsh was on the Jim Reith show on WSYR yesterday, claiming that he hardly knew Tom Delay. He also stated that Delay, was "Much more conservative" than he was. Unfortunately for Jimbo, his voting record tells a different story. Walsh is against a woman's right to choose, is pro-gun, is against stem cell research and wants to privatize Social Security.
He gets negative ratings from senior citizen groups, women's groups, environmental groups, public health and public education groups. But he gets very high ratings from the Christian Coalition and the NRA.
Walsh might be a good representative for the people of rural Oklahoma or Alabama, but he is far too right wing to represent the people of CNY.


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