Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jim Funding Smear Artists

I've said it before, Jimbo and his Republican comrades are going to sink to any depth to win this election. Look what they are doing out in California, it is so disgusting even Republicans are criticizing it:

“I think it's extremely misleading, disingenuous and shameful,” said San Diego Republican activist John Dadian, who warned that it could imperil Republican efforts to win the 50th Congressional District seat in June. “The NRCC is coming dangerously close to having this blow up in their face.”

The NRCC, The National Republican Campaign Community, just so happens to be one of Jimbo's favorite places to give money.
  • He's given them over $100,000 so far this election cycle.
  • In 2003-2004 he gave them nearly $200,000.
  • He gave them nearly $175,000 in 2001-2002.
  • In all he's given them nearly half a million in the last three cycles!

In light of this situation, there are two very important questions for Jimbo to answer:

  1. Does he approve of this ad being run?
  2. Can we expect similar tactics from his campaign and supporters in this election?

I think we know the answer to both.


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