Friday, April 21, 2006

Jim Comes in Last

In Yesterday's House Race Hotline they had this to say about races in their top 50:

Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA 03) raised the second-least money among incumbents(to NY 25's Walsh), but still has $745K in the bank.

The emphasis is mine. And I take Jimbo's weak fundraising numbers to mean one of two things.
  1. Jim isn't taking this race seriously, or is too rusty to take it seriously. We saw what happened when a rusty Republican misfired a few weeks ago. Jim hasn't faced a serious challenge in 10 years, and he might be easier to beat because of that.
  2. Jim is going to retire. Jim hasn't raised a lot and he gave away a good deal of money according to local Republican Parties. According to his spending report, Jim paid for a Stonecash poll, maybe he was testing replacements? The Republicans in the county are in much better shape than the Democrats and the Democrats have no heir apparent to run in an open seat race. Plus Jim's attack of choice for the only candidate he is engaging, Dan Maffei, is that he is a "Washington insider" is curious. The best reason Jim has to be re-elected is that he himself is a "Washington insider", so why would he make that title a negative? (Maybe just because he's rusty) I think there may be reason to believe Jim is considering some serious time off.


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