Monday, April 17, 2006

Gaffe or Gift?

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle made a mistake today in an article today about Randy Kuhl:

Kuhl cast votes in support of Bush's policies 85 percent of the time last year, more than any other New York Republican except Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Onondaga, according to an analysis by Congressional Quarterly Weekly.

I don't have access to Congressional Quarterly, but the DCCC has all of those scores, however it shows that Tom Reynolds and Vito Fosella than Jimbo's 88%. This leaves Jimbo in an interesting predicament, he can either correct them and point out that he only votes with Bush 88% of the time, or he can leave the article, that says he is the Republican in NY mostly to vote with Bush, unquestioned. This is one of those Pincer Movement situations I was referring to the other week. Jimbo is damned if do and damned if he don't.


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