Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fibbin' Jim

Jimbo seems to be a little bit of a fibbin' streak this week.

He did first in the Op-Ed in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, saying:

The bill aims to re-establish respect for immigration laws and crack down on employers who hire illegal workers and smugglers trafficking in human beings.

When in fact Jimbo voted for an amendment to that very bill that limited the amount an employer would be sanctioned for using illegal workers, to a mere $7,500. Quite a disincentive Jimbo.

Then as a commenter pointed out the other day, Jimbo was doing a little fibbin' on the Jim Reith show when it came to his good buddy, Republican Culture of Corruption Kingpin Tom DeLay. And while I missed it, The Maffei campaign managed to catch him in the act:

Reith: "Do you consider him (DeLay) an ally of yours? Or are you an ally of his?"

Walsh: "Well, not really…He is not a guy that I would want to bring up to Syracuse because he is a lighting rod….He is very conservative. Far more conservative than I am."

Wow, now that's a whopper Jimbo!


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