Friday, April 28, 2006

Ethics, Shmethics

In preparation for a bill to clean up ethics in Congress, Jimbo and the Rubberstamp Republicans passed a rule that would prevent any amendments from being offered to the bill. Jimbo, of course, voted for it. Among the amendments that won't be offered now:
  • One to create an Office of Public Integrity to enforce Ethics rules.
  • One to ban all gifts from lobbyists.
  • And one to force members of Congress to pony up full price for flying on a corporate jet.

One of Jimbo's fellow Republicans who still has a sense of decency had this to say:

"We are losing our moral authority to lead this place," said Shays, who voted against the rule. "It's been over a decade since my party took over the majority, and I feel like we have forgotten why we got here. ... I think there is a tendency for power to corrupt and for absolute power to corrupt absolutely."

I'm not sure they ever had the moral authority, but I digress.


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