Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The Sub-Standard gave the fundraising numbers some coverage today:

In the 25th District, two Democrats are vying to challenge Rep. James Walsh, R-Onondaga. Between them, Daniel Maffei and Paloma Capanna raised more than $320,000 by March 31. Walsh raised $380,796 and reported $501,825 in the bank.

Two years ago, Walsh did not have a Democratic opponent. In 2002, Democrat Stephanie Aldersly raised just over $40,000.

Does this crescendo of Democratic fundraising signify trouble for the GOP?

"It does. No doubt about it," said Robert Spitzer, professor of political science at State University College at Cortland. "

Money follows the odds; it does not make the odds," Spitzer said. "Those trends mean that people are opening their pockets. It's a clear indication that Democrats feel they have a real chance" in congressional districts that have been controlled by Republicans for decades.


Spitzer cited two factors for the Democratic confidence: President Bush's approval rating has been sagging in recent months, and his unpopularity could be reflected in the off-year congressional election. And in New York, Democrats are running powerful, well-financed candidates at the top of the ticket for governor and U.S. senator. That could discourage Republicans from making the trip to the polls in November.


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