Sunday, March 19, 2006

Who's Jim Hurting?

Our Sunday feature "Who's Jim Hurting?" is back. Here's this week's story:

In August 2001 my nephew died of complications from a bone marrow transplant in an attempt to halt the progression of leukemia. He was 29 years old and left a devastated 28 year old wife (of 10 years), an 18 year old brother (the bone marrow donor - think of what this lose has done to him) and my sister and brother-in-law (who were just kids themselves when my nephew was born). The whole that was caused by the loss of this vibrant young man in our family still remains - we are all forever changed due to the battle we watched and eventually lost. Who knows what a difference stem cell research could do in battling leukemia and other forms of cancer in the future. If one family can be saved from this then the research is worth it. Although I feel we also should still look to the causes of cancer (is it due to all the chemicals we ingest through food, water and air pollutants or what?) - I strongly feel the need to find ways to cure it!

We can't afford to electing politicians like Jimbo who value out of touch special interests over common sense.


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