Friday, March 24, 2006

We're Not Gonna Take It

Yesterday the Sub-Standard got its marching orders from from Jimbo's campaign and purged all my posts from the CNY Politics forum. It looks like the Sub-Standard is planning on reprising its roll in the Driscoll/Mahoney campaign as a full on Republican cheerleader.

We aren't going to take it sitting down though. While Jimbo and the Sub-Standard want to keep the same tired leadership in Washington and at home, no matter how out of touch they are, I need your help to fight back. Use the envelope at the bottom of the post to e-mails my posts to friends, tell friends and people at organizations who might be interested, if you are a blogger then link my blog, or send a letter to the editor to let them know we aren't letting Jimbo get a free pass this time!

Jimbo isn't going to beat himself, it's up to us to expose his out of touch record, especially with the Sub-Standard doing its best to hide the truth.


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