Monday, March 06, 2006

Various Stuff

First, I apologize for the site being down earlier, that was's fault, not mine.

Second, Ken Howland might be a candidate again, who knows, but he was "live-blogging" on Daily Kos yesterday. I managed to press him on a few issues about his campaign.

I also managed to start a debate on the primary. So I figured I would address my opinion here. I don't think it is in our best interest to have a protracted primary. Jimbo is better known that any of the candidates, but has an abysmal record in office. Unless we have a nominee early and ready show the voters that Jimbo is more than a smile and pork barrel spending, Jimbo will still be in office. We need a candidate focused solely on Jimbo for as long as possible, not stuck talking to voters who are already with him or her until 2 months before the election. I think the decisions of the County Committees should be final. If the County Committees endorse different candidates, which is possible, I wouldn't fault a candidate for wanting to primary, but they need to look at the big picture. We need to beat Jimbo, and this year we have what might be our best climate we might ever get to beat him, Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton are going to rack up big wins and its just a plain bad year to be a Republican, we can't let this opportunity go to waste. I encourage all candidates to consider this and consider how serious they are about beating Jimbo.


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