Thursday, March 02, 2006

Port in Storm

Don't have much time to blog today, but wanted to get this quick one up.

Here is an article from National Journal's Chuck Todd on the perfect storm that may be brewing against Jimbo and his Republican buddies:

"How bad is it for Republicans right now?"

It's a standard question smart folks all around Washington are pondering as yet another week goes by where it seems the Republican Party is playing right into the six-year itch story line.

And yet we're just not comfortable assuming anything yet on 2006 other than it will be a national election.


The current debate over ports is a classic case of where, arguably, cable TV news is driving the current story line. Ditto with Katrina. One great example Winston gives is that it took just nine days for Sam Alito to achieve a 73 percent name I.D.

And that's why about the only thing we're convinced of is that 2006 will be a nationalized election. But what we don't know yet is what will motivate the base to go to the polls, what will motivate independents to show up and what will motivate casual partisans to show up.


Here's what we do know: Whenever a candidate or political party starts trying to claim that congressional elections are going to be decided on local issues, it really means they know the current climate stinks for them. More importantly, the word "local" is also code for "we're going to turn an election so negative as to drive turnout down and make the alternative unelectable."

Jimbo is wrong on the issues, from Stem Cell Research, to Social Security, to the environment, on and on, Jimbo is just plan out of touch with his constituents on the issues. So, of course, Jimbo's supporters want this race to be about local issues, a few million here and there, while he selling out Veterans in Washington and they have also shown they plan to be shamelessly negative. But with a record like Jimbo's how else are you going to defend it?


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