Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good News for Dan

This article that appeared yesterday should give Dan Maffei a big morale boost. It appeared in the very conservative Human Events Magazine (if you can't stomach lots of pictures of George Bush and Ann Coulter, I suggest reading the article on Mr. Maffei's News page). Here are some excerpts, edited for annoying Republicanisms:

What I took away from Monday night’s party was genuine excitement and optimism on the part of Democrats about 2006.


Maffei’s message is exactly what Democrats at Restoration Weekend said they wanted to hear. [...] [I]t’ll take the work of populist-sounding Democrats with fresh ideas to make the GOP the minority party.

Republicans should take note.

The article also uses this from Mr. Maffei's website as an example of the populist rhetoric:

“Economic progress that benefits other places, but somehow leaves Central New York on a slow-track. Energy policies that keep our cars running on empty, our homes cold this winter, but gives big oil even bigger profits. A Medicare drug program that's impossible for our seniors -- or their children -- to understand. A Congress trapped by gridlock and scandal. And, a Federal government that we can't count on to come through.”

Mr. Maffei also garnered some coverage from the Capital Hill Newspaper The Hill for calling out Jimbo on port security.

Hat tip to Mr. Maffei's new e-mail updates.


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