Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Capanna Update

Here's the latest from the Capanna e-blast:

Last October, in one of the first interviews that I did after declaring this race, I said to the Reporter that our massive deficit spending left us weak for purposes of national security. I asked how we could afford to respond if another country, other than Iraq, became openly hostile, launched a terrorist attack, or declared war. Of all the words that were printed by and about me at that time, those were the words that raised a little curiosity as to what country other than Iraq…

This is not a special message about I told you so, in light of the disintegrating dynamics with Iran. This is a special message about a concept not often heard: our national security begins with a balanced budget.

Time and again in my work as a family law attorney, I am called upon to distribute debt. I know the national statistics of the "average" American family, including average earnings, average home value, average cars, credit cards, and debt. The average American family has no options. The average two-earner family is stressed at 6 pm, uncertain as to the stability of their job, their medical insurance coverage, and their monthly bill payments.

So, too, our country. Military expenditures for Iraq and Afghanistan are being made through deficit spending. Moneys have been borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund. Foreign countries are loaning us money at record levels.

I urge you to help us get out the vote to bring about our victory in November. My Opponent, James Walsh, is as responsible as the President, and we need to vote him out of office. He has voted yes, again and again and again, for record-level deficit spending. He has weakened our national security. The election will quickly be upon us. Get yourself ready to vote for change to Capanna in Congress.

Speak Out!

As national security and foreign policy issues hit the airwaves, so did Paloma. She rapidly issued press releases on the national security of our ports, against the White House media probe, against a Republican-sponsored bill on wiretapping, and about the Iranian nuclear threat. Paloma is hitting stride on these issues with leadership in all sectors, and focuses the spotlight on the Incumbent's voting record and inaction at the same time.


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