Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weak Kneed Walsh: A Blast From The Past

Here's a little blast from the past, with Weak kneed Walsh selling out post-9/11 New York when the people he truly serves told him to. From the Almanac of American Politics (subscription required):

In November 2001 Walsh and Democrat Nita Lowey pushed for $11 billion in aid to New York in the defense supplemental. This was opposed by the Bush administration, and Dick Cheney brought Walsh to the White House to ask him to defer the money until later. Walsh refused. Although Walsh and Upstater John Sweeney crossed party lines, their amendment, reduced to $9.7 billion, was defeated by two votes in committee. Walsh continued fighting and threatened to vote against the rule unless it allowed a vote on his amendment. But in a meeting with OMB Director Mitch Daniels and Deputy Whip Roy Blunt, he gave way, and agreed to accept $1.75 billion.

Don't we deserve someone who will stand up for us?


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