Friday, February 17, 2006

Walsh Watcher Wins Again

Roll Call reported it on the 25th of January, when the numbers became officially available on January 31st, I reported it. Now a full 18 days later, the Sub-Standard has decided to finally report it. Why is the Sub-Standard reporting 18 day old news? Because I called them out the other day for ignoring the race. As you may remember last month, after a year of hiding his record, Jimbo changed his House website after I called him out for it.

Of course it wouldn't be the Sub-Standard if it didn't attack a Democrat while giving Walsh a pass.

Of the 146 individual contributions listed on Maffei's FEC report, more than half came from Washington or its suburbs.

Of course the Sub-Standard neglected to mention that Jimbo got the majority of his money from PACs and the majority of the money he raised came from Out of State.


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