Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sub-Standard Reporting

If you didn't know better you would think Jim Walsh was running unopposed again this year. The Sub-Standard, still bitter from failing to knock of Matt Driscoll, has decided to make sure none of Bully Jim's opponents get any coverage whatsoever. Recently all they have managed to do is to allow Bully Jim to unleash vicious attacks on constituents and let him play tee ball in sessions with the Editor Board. In fact, now The Walsh Watch has become the top source of news in this Congressional Race.

Let's Compare...

Here is what The Walsh Watch has report on the race recently:

And here is what the Sub-Standard has reported:

  • ...

Let's play a game of Where's John Mariani?. Oh wait, I think I see him, yep, there he is, in Jim Walsh's pocket.

Jimbo is going to be tough to beat as it is, but it will be even harder with the Sub-Standard using a full court press to defend him. So send a letter to John "Jim Walsh has to run in elections?" Mariani, or to The Walsh Loving Editors, or write a letter to the editor, exposing Jim Walsh and the Sub-Standard.


At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all fairness to John Mariani I fully believe he is being road blocked by his editors. We clearly learned that the Post Standard has quite a bias against many Democrats, however not all. Maffei coordinating Driscoll’s campaign is a minus against him regarding the Post. I feel Mariani is a stand-up reporter and does quality journalism. The Post Standard will not or cannot keep protecting Walsh. Mariani will need to stand up to his editors however, and he will.


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