Sunday, February 26, 2006

Still Wrong

Another great letter to the editor detailing how wrong Mr. Walsh is on student aid:

To the Editor:

I am very concerned about the economic and social consequences of the budget reconciliation bill S. 1932 that Congressman Jim Walsh voted for on Feb. 1. That bill, with its cuts in student aid and other programs, will have dire consequences on essential domestic and educational programs for local citizens in need and working families.

The major victims of this reconciliation bill and $39.7 billion in cuts are students entering or currently enrolled in college. The bill will cut $12.7 billion in several key student/parent loan programs. Most of these "savings" are generated by excessive interest rates for students and parents, and by assessing new charges on parent borrowers. These cuts will result in an average increase of $5,800 in the interest students pay on their loans. Why are college students and their families now responsible for shouldering the burden of a deficit that Congress has helped create?

Congressman Walsh's vote to cut student aid and health care are in my opinion a direct cut to the very district he represents. Over the years, the congressman has helped to secure research funds for local higher education, but I ask who will conduct and carry out the research if students can't afford to be in the classrooms to begin with?

John E. View
Director of financial aid
SUNY College of
Environmental Science and Forestry

So who are we supposed to believe, an ivory tower Congressman or someone on the front lines? Remember, Mr. Walsh had this to say last time someone questioned him:

There are some who have good reason to oppose these lending reforms (primarily student loan lenders and banks who have lost the ability to charge high interest rates and excessive up-front fees), but student borrowers aren't among them.

So now on the record we have a student and a director of financial aid against it, neither of who are lenders or banks (as far as I know). I would advise Mr. View to be careful because you wouldn't like Jim "Bruce Banner" Walsh when he's angry.


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