Monday, February 27, 2006

Scorecard Monday

Here at The Walsh Watch, we are starting a new tradition. For now on, on Monday's we will focus on different groups Congressional scorecards, or how they did on votes that matter to that group. We've done this twice in the past, with the Christian Coalition and the National Journal, but now it is becoming a regular feature on the site. Our first organization in the spotlight is, The League of Conservation Voters. Jimbo's record on the environment should be a concern to all of us living near the most polluted lake in America.

LCV gave Jimbo a whopping 22% rating for 2005 (that is out of 100). Here are some lowlights of his record in 2005.
  • Flip flopped on protecting ANWR, he voted for it before voted against it, twice.
  • Voted to cut $2.85 billion on spending to protect the environment, including programs to invest in clean water infrastructure.
  • Voted against increasing Fuel Economy for cars, which would have resulted in over 1 million barrels of oil saved a day by 2016 and prevented the release of 150 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.
  • Voted against removing a liability shield for MTBE which would allow MTBE manufacturers to escape from helping communities clean up the billions of dollars worth of pollution they created.

Ouch. Does this really sound like the votes of a Congressman whose district includes the most polluted lake in the country? All I can say is OUT OF TOUCH.


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